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Kinuura Toyota RoadKinuura Toyota Road

Route Information

Kinuura Toyota Road runs through each city of Hekinan, Takahama, Kariya, Chiryu and Toyota, and it is main road what is connecting between Kinuura coastal industrial zone and central industrial zone which is centered on the automobile industry, and the approximately 4.3 km between Shinbayashi cho, Chiryu shi and Ikoma cho, Toyota shi of this road is toll road. It is connecting from Ikoma cho, Toyota shi to Shinbayashi cho, Chiryu shi, and is connecting with Toyota-minami IC on Isewangan Expressway or Route 23, Route 1 and Route 155. Because of the whole lane elevated structure without signals and crossings, the time that takes to move between Toyota shi and Chiryu shi can be reduced by approximately 30 minutes (during morning and evening rush hours) or approximately 10 minutes (other time zones). In addition, it is the road that is kind to the surrounding environment which helps to ease traffic jam between Chiryu shi.
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Kinuura Toyota Road

Tolls Information

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Yatsuhashi IC is half-interchange.
  • This IC cannot enter to Ikoma.
  • This IC cannot exit from Ikoma.