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Chitahanto Road - Transfer Route Guide from Isewangan ExpresswayChitahanto Road - Route Guide from Isewangan Expressway

Route Guide [From Centrair to Isewangan Expressway / Yokkaichi]

From Centrair to Isewangan Expressway / Yokkaichi
1 Go north on Aichi Prefectural Road 522. (approx. 0.6km)
2 Go up the ramp on the signboard for "Nagoya", and go north on CHUBU Centrair International Airport Expressway. (approx. 2.1 km)
3 Pass through Rinku Honsen Toll Gate, and go east on Chita Odan Road. (approx. 8.2 km)
4 Go forward “Nagoya” at Handa-Chuo JCT. (approx. 1.0 km)
5 Go north on Chitahanto Road. (approx. 15.2 km)
6 Pass through Odaka Honsen Toll Gate, and get off at Obu-nishi IC about 300m away. (approx. 0.6 km)
7 Turn left at the signal (Kaminyudo intersection) of the end of road, and go west on Route 302. (approx. 0.4 km)
8 Go up Isewangan Expressway at Obu IC with signboard to "Yokkaichi."